Paterson River Valley

rock lily - Upper Paterson afternoon tea - Upper Paterson Upper Paterson River
Paterson River below the dam

some of the forty different bird species we saw over the august 2013 weekend
male superb fairy wren female superb fairy wren juvenile male superb fairy wren
male satin bowerbird male satin bowerbird female satin bowerbird
female satin bowerbird crested pigeon bar-shouldered dove
grey shrike-thrush lewins honeyeater figbird
grey shrike-thrush pied butcher bird male king parrot
female king parrot yellow-faced honeyeater crimson rosella
crimson rosella crimson rosella purple swamp hen
grey fantail grey fantail grey fantail
red-browed finch red-browed finch red-browed finch
eastern yellow robin eastern yellow robin eastern yellow robin
rose robin rose robin willie wagtail
tawny frogmouth kookaburra kookaburra
kookaburra kookaburra magpie
magpie sacred ibis sacred ibis
red wattlebird red wattlebird wedgetail eagle
platypus in the Paterson River below Lostock Dam
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