Bangalow/Piccabeen Palm - Archontophoenix Cunninghamiana

The Palms National Park is about ten kilometres from Cooyar near Toowoomba Qld & comprises of two sections. The south western section was created in 1950 from several blocks of land. In 1927 Charles Boldery donated five acres of his 318 acre property to the Rosalie Shire Council so the rainforest pocket would be protected & people could visit & enjoy the natural beauty.

At the heart of The Palms is an almost exclusive stand of piccabeen palms Archontophoenix cunninghamiana clinging to a waterlogged depression. Encircling the palms is a subtropical rainforest consisting of large strangler figs, bunya & hoop pines, a large grey gum & buttressed trees. This leads to dry vine forests & open eucalypt forest on the drier exposed locations.

Grey-headed flying foxes roost in the palm trees above the creek. Over 90 bird species have been recorded.