New Country Swamp - Mummel Gulf National Park

Mummel Gulf National Park is located in the New South Wales Northern Tablelands. The Mummel River has formed the deep 'V' shaped gorge of the Mummel Gulf exceeding 400 metres in the head of this gorge.

The park protects tall, open eucalypt forest on the south-eastern escarpment of the New England region, including wet sclerophyll forest & snow gum forest in the higher parts of the park.

Messmate & the less common Mountain Ribbon Gum dominate old-growth forests in this area which drops from 1,450 metres down to 470 metres. Other trees in the region include silvertop stringybark, blue gum, diehard stringybark & New England blackbutt. Broad-leaved pepperbush is at its northern limit in the area. Many species of shrubs flower here during spring and summer.

The remote central & southern sections of the park's moist subtropical rainforest will find a mix of corkwood, sassafras, large prickly tree ferns & silver sycamore.

The park also protects threatened species such as the koala, tiger quoll, sugar glider, yellow-bellied glider, superb lyrebird, boobook owl, sooty owl, powerful owl, tawny frogmouth and parma wallaby.

red necked wallaby with joey   Prickly Tree Fern - Cyathea leichhardtiana
Mummel River & Gulf lookout
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