Louis & Mary Beyers with family - courtesy State Library of NSW

The property in Hill End was purchased by Polish miner Louis Beyers for £4 on 25th May 1865 as improved crown lands. Land transaction records and the pristine state of the building in photos taken in 1872 suggest that the cottage was built in the late 1860s. This working class cottage is a minerís dwelling relic and a great example of the wattle and daub construction technique.

During the 20th century the house on Lot 1 Section 18 was occupied by a number of Hill End families, including the Holloways and Fitzsimmons.

The property was resumed as Crown Land and gazetted as part of the Hill End Historic Site on 2nd July 1971.

Beyers was involved in the famous Holtermann Specimen discovery - the largest gold nugget found at the time. He later became the mayor of Hill End and is renowned for developing the local area.