Twofold Bay - Eden

The twenty-three metre Boyds Tower was built in 1847 of pyrmont sandstone blocks brought from Sydney & was initially intended to be used as a lighthouse by Scottish entrepreneur Benjamin Boyd as a base for his steamship company in Twofold Harbour. However it was deemed unsuitable for the purpose by the Crown & was never commissioned.

Boyd also built nearby Boydtown & had interests in both the whaling & shipping industries as well as owning vast grazing properties on the Monaro and in the Riverina.

Boyd's Tower itself was struck by lightning in the 1860s & as a result is missing a section from its top.

Following the failure of Boyd's financial empire, Boyd's tower was taken over by the Davidson family who used it to spot whales for their whaling operations at Kiah Inlet. During the season, the tower was manned daily & when a whale was observed, boat crews were alerted with a gunshot.

Carved into the ledge of the bottom north widow is a tribute to a popular young Norwegian man who had worked with the Davidson Family whalers. In Memory of Peter Lia who was killed by a whale, September 28 1881. Aged 22 years.