stencils on sandstone wall

"Maiyingu Marragu" is on the western edge of the Newnes Plateau just off the Wolgan Road between Lithgow & the Wolgan Valley along Blackfellows Hand Trail. 

The large sandstone overhang was an important occupation site for the Wiradjuri people where they met & includes a men's and a women's area. There is a women's birthing area in a secluded part of the complex. It used by the Aboriginal's as a ‘bush school room' where young people could hear stories from Elders and learn to collect & use bush food and natural medicine.

The rock shelter and stencil art are a culturally significance to the Aboriginal people providing a physical & spiritual link to ancestors as well as providing a place where traditional culture could be sustained.

The stencil art may be between 500 and 1600 years old. Most of the images were made by placing the hand or implement such as a stone axe against the wall & blowing a spray of ochre mixed with water from the mouth.