Basket Swamp - Boonoo Boonoo State Forest

Basket Swamp is located on the eastern fall of the northern section of the New England Tablelands of New South Wales, approximately 15 kilometres north east of Tenterfield.

It is around 200 hectares in size & an important wetland of heaths and sedges which cleans, stores & slowly releases water throughout the year into local creeks that run into the coastal Clarence River system.

Basket Swamp National Park has an area of 2,820 hectares with an altitude from about 1163 metres at Timbarra Trig in the centre of the park, to about 700 metres near the lower parts of the Cataract River gorge to the east. The majority of the park has an average altitude of about 1000 metres above sea level.

Drainage through the park is essentially west-east, and is associated with Basket Swamp Creek that flows from Basket Swamp itself, Wellington’s Creek, that flows into Basket Swamp Creek, and the Cataract River, that forms part of the eastern boundary.

Basket Swamp National Park contains one threatened and nine rare plant species from the seven vegetation communities, with a further twenty six plant species of significance. The park also supports a multitude of wildlife, including the endangered brush-tailed rock wallaby and the vulnerable spotted-tailed quoll.







glossy black cockatoo






  grey strike thrush