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These camper systems comprise a series of lockers on each side and front of trailer. Lockers are 400mm high, 250mm wide and are accessed through 5 doors which when lowered form work surfaces.

Lockers are weather and dust sealed.

Depending on the specification nominated, lockers accommodate in addition to general stowage, gas bottles, stove and water pump.

The stove, usually the focal point of a camp kitchen is portable and may be used at each side or the front of the camper or remotely.

On board battery and service outlets offer 12v supply. 240 volt wiring system is also offered.

Standard mattress is 150mm high density foam.

The tent system folds off left hand side of the trailer.

Bedding, folding furniture and soft baggage can be loaded and transported on the bed under the folded tent.

Eagle Price List

Eagle dimensions:-

TARE: 700kg. ATM: 1200kg. PAYLOAD:500kg
Trailer load space: 1800 X 1220 X 500
Locker System: 220 X 400 X 5600
Tent Floor Area: 2200 X 2200
Awning: 3600 X 1800
Rear room: 2200 X 2200
Side room: 2200 X 2000
Kitchen awning: 2200 X 1800
Mattress Foam: 2000 X 1300 X 150
Inner spring: 1900 X 1200 X 200



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